2020 Titan Marching Band - Registration & Medical Form
Join the 2020 Titan Marching Band TODAY! This form is used to collect necessary information for all students registering as a member of the 2020 Albert Einstein High School Titan Marching Band (TMB).

Registering for the Titan Marching Band at this time is under the conditional understanding that the season may be different than initially planned - completing the google form does not lock students in to any financial commitment and there will be no consequence for a student/family deciding not to participate at a later date.

Covid-19/Remote Learning Contingency Plan
We are in the midst of uncertain times and do not have a clear idea of what the 2020-2021 school year will look like at this time. Our plan is to do our normal registration, organization, and preparation for the 2020 Fall season now so that we can more easily adapt and adjust to whatever decisions are made about school and fall extracurricular activities over the summer. With all of our details and communication systems in place, we will be able to more easily coordinate and modify our TMB season, as necessary. We will strictly follow all State and local health guidelines and will not host any marching band activities, including Early Week in August, if it is not absolutely safe to do so.

Concerned about committing to the Titan Marching Band at this time? Please email Mr. Kelly at Brendan.W.Kelly1@mcpsmd.net to discuss your thought process or ask any questions!

Early Week will be August 10th-14th from 8 AM - 5 PM - it is required for all students participating! Scheduling conflict with Early Week? We can find a compromise - let Mr. Kelly know and we will work it out!

TMB 2020 Season Schedule (At-a-Glance):

All students at Albert Einstein HS are eligible to participate in the Marching Band, both from the curricular ensembles (Symphonic Ensemble, String Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Lab Band, Jazz Ensemble) or anyone else in the school. Please submit 1 form per student.

**Students must only submit necessary contact & enrollment information (marked with red asterisk). All other information, including medical information, is voluntarily shared in the event of a medical emergency during marching band related activities. It is held on a secure account and only accessed in case of emergency.*

Contact Mr. Kelly via email at Brendan.W.Kelly1@mcpsmd.net with any questions or concerns.
2020 is Year 4 with our NEW Uniforms!
Student ID Number *
(Last 6 Digits)
Student Name (Last, First) *
Grade (2020-2021 school year) *
Student Email (Non-MCPS account) *
Instrument/Section for Marching Band *
If you have any questions/concerns, please email Mr. Kelly at Brendan.W.Kelly1@mcpsmd.net
Do you need to use a school instrument this year? *
**Drumline (Percussion), Sousaphones (Tubas), & Color Guard (Flags) equipment will be provided for use by the school upon receipt of a signed Instrument/Equipment Use Contract at the beginning of the season**
T-shirt Size *
Street Address *
City *
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Parent/Guardian Name *
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Second Parent/Guardian Name
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Adult Volunteer Interest/Availability**
We are in need of several parent/guardian volunteers to help make the Marching Band season run smoothly! If you are willing and able to volunteer your time in any of the following areas, please indicate your preferences and availability. Questions/concerns can be sent to Mr. Kelly at Brendan.W.Kelly1@mcpsmd.org. [Students - Please actually ask your parents/guardians about volunteering before submitting this form! :) ]
Suggestions for a Successful Season?
Please share any suggestions/ideas that you may have to maintain traditions, improve the experience, and facilitate a successful year!
Additional Information?
Please include any information about the student, your family, or special circumstances that are important for Mr. Kelly to be aware of during the Marching Band season.
By typing my name in this response box, I acknowledge that I am expected to participate in all official Marching Band events throughout the fall season (rehearsals & performances) and must provide written notice of any conflicts to Mr. Kelly in order to receive pre-approval for an absence. Additionally, I will ensure that my GPA is above the minimum for participation in extracurricular activities throughout the entire semester. *
Student type your name here.
By typing my name in this response box, I acknowledge that all of the above information is accurate and up to date. *
Parent/Guardian type your name here.
By typing my name in this response box, I give permission for my child to be photographed during marching band activities for educational and promotional use on the school and music department website. *
Parent/Guardian type your name here. If you do not give permission, please enter No in the response box.
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