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GOGBOT vrijwilligers
GOGBOT edition INTERGALACTIC 7-10/09/2017 in Enschede!

GOGBOT festival since 2004 is the annual showcase of 4 long days and nights with creative technology, electronic music and contemporary art. Its mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, visionary and avant-garde artists currently working in their fields. The festival offers a stimulating rendez-vous for artists, professionals and the audience, and intends to create a sonic space for innovation in digital creativity.

–Warp Crash!  –Predator Earth  –Space Junk  –Steering the Universe

This is possible only with your help!
In this form we ask about you, your talents and your availabilities! Please look carefully for the dates to be sure you will be available! Don't hesitate to share extra info if you need us to know how special and cool you are!

locations :
Enschede Oude markt
Coberco old Milk factory
(all the info are online www.gogbot.nl)

Every Volunteer will work at least ONE shift of six hours.
For working at the GOGBOT festival you will receive a Passe partout (a pass to enter all the cool ATAK events, during the festival), an official GOGBOT 2017 T-shirt, free meals and consumption coins for the days you help out. For every extra shift you are willing to work, you will receive extra coins!

Name *
Email adress *
Mobile number *
Tell us when you have time! Volunteers often do 2 shifts in the weekend ! (a shift is 6 hours)
We ask you to come 30 minutes in advance in the morning to remove the fences together and stay 20 minutes at the end of the day to put back the fences :)
When can you help out? *
How many shifts do you want to do? *
About yourself
For us to know you a little and try to make an appropriate schedule!
You want to share something about yourself? Special skills, cool talents, powers etc :)
I would consider myself technically SAVVY with regards to AUDIO and VIDEO equipment   *
I am outgoing and comfortable with people *
Who to contact in case of emergency (name and phone number please) *
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