Leave - Fight - Transform (LeFT)
Leave - Fight - Transform
Founding Statement

From Amazon warehouses to Belfast’s shipyards, workers are demanding a break - a break with the failed system of austerity, neoliberalism and capitalism. The last forty years have been an era of declining real wages, attacks on trade union and workers’ rights, austerity, abuse of migrants, the hollowing out of democracy and an escalating environmental crisis. Working class people across the world are demanding an alternative to this failed status quo.

History shows that if the left does not offer a transformative alternative to capitalism in crisis, the false prophets of the right will step in with their empty promises and reactionary utopias. To offer a serious alternative the left must demand and lead a rupture with a system of global capitalism that is irreformable and rotten to its core. For socialists today in Britain that means calling for a break with the EU, breaking with the logic of neoliberalism and building a radical alternative.

Leave - Fight - Transform: The LeFT Campaign is a grassroots network of socialists, trade unionists and community activists, committed to democracy, internationalism and socialism. We recognise that the failed neoliberal economic model helped produce both the vote to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum and the surge in support for a left-led Labour Party in the 2017 general election with a radical manifesto, promising genuine change.

To develop the potential of this moment, the left must ensure the 2016 referendum result is implemented, so that the UK breaks with the treaties, institutions and laws of the EU as well as the structural racism of Fortress Europe. These institutions promote and sustain the very system that working people are demanding a break from. We must build a transformative movement that begins with the popular rejection of the EU within many working class communities and that advances genuine internationalism with allies in the labour movement across the world.

To shape the twenty first century in a way which advances the interests of the working class, in all its rich diversity, to begin to turn the tide on the environmental crisis, and to extend democracy into all aspects of people’s lives, the left must demand a break with the status quo. We need to leave the EU and transform society.

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