WPB SSA #33 Community Grant
The Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area (or “WPB”) is the business improvement district for the Wicker Park & Bucktown neighborhoods. It is administered by the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and guided by a volunteer commission of local business owners, property owners, and residents. As one of Chicago’s 50+ taxpayer-funded SSAs, WPB provides supplemental services and programs to promote prosperity and maintain clean, attractive, and competitive commercial districts and unique qualities of life of the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods.
Goal of WPB Community Grant program
To sponsor public programs, events, initiatives, or services that demonstrate a measurable benefit to the community and foster community growth and development within the WPB SSA district.
Promote WPB Committee
The Promote WPB Committee is the subcommittee of the SSA #33 Commission responsible for overseeing the Community Grant program. This committee will review all applications and recommend qualified applicants to the WPB Commission for a final vote to receive funding. The mission of the Promote WPB Committee is to nurture and build public awareness of the neighborhood’s unique history and culture through the sponsorship of public programs and initiatives that enhance the quality of life within the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods.
Any business, organization, or individual that will be providing services, events, or activities within SSA #33 is eligible to apply for this grant. Preference will be given to businesses, organizations, and individuals that reside within the district.
Community Grants can be applied to initiatives such as:
• Special Events
• Festivals
• Ongoing Programming (i.e. performance series or continuing education)
• Neighborhood Services
• Marketing Campaigns
Community Grant funding may be used to off-set the costs of:
• Marketing/Promotion
• Supplies/Materials
• Stipend for artists/performers/experts/educators
The Community Grant may NOT be used to fund:
• Purchase, sale, distribution of alcohol
• Profit margin (in other words, in the absence of SSA grant support, the initiative would only break even)
• Staffing or operating expenses
• Fundraisers that directly benefit your organization
What makes a fund-able proposal?
• Multiple funding sources
• Established organizations/events, a demonstrated history of success
• For new organizations/events, the potential to augment services/mission

Or programming that:
• Serves a large audience
• Serves an under-represented or underserved audience
• Serves youth and/or seniors
• Fills a void in services in the neighborhood
• Fosters positive community interaction
• Promotes the area as a great neighborhood
• Fits the mission of WPB's Promote Committee and SSA #33 in general.

Guidelines for Grant Funding
Applicants that meet all requirements outlined may receive a grant of up to 20% of the overall budget of the event, not to exceed $5,000.

Organizations are eligible for 1 grant per year. However, organizations may submit additional applications to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In the event an application is declined, that organization may apply again on behalf of a different event, program or service.

Limited funding is available. Due to the high volume of applications, the SSA #33 Commission may award a grant at an amount less than the allowable maximum, or no grant at all.

Application Process
Application is open on a rolling basis and will be reviewed at monthly Promote Committee meetings (open to the public). Only complete applications will be reviewed. Once applications have been reviewed, the committee may request additional information.

Applications are reviewed by SSA #33's Promote Committee the 1st Thursday of the month (see www.wickerparkbucktown.org for full schedule). In order to be reviewed, applications must be submitted by the 25th of the prior month. Any applications not in by the 25th will be reviewed at the following month's meeting. (i.e. an application submitted January 27th will be reviewed at the March meeting.) It is recommended that your application be submitted 2 months prior to the date(s) of your initiative to allow proper processing time.

If the application has been accepted and recommended by the Promote Committee, it will advance to the monthly SSA 33 Commission Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of that month (open to the public) for final approval.

The Promote Committee will not review any applications from an organization that has an "open" grant (i.e. the Post-Event Report has not yet been submitted to SSA 33 and the final payment has not yet been issued)

If funding is awarded
It will be paid out in two installments: one to be paid prior to the event date or start of programming, and the remaining amount paid after successful review of a Post-Event Report (see http://www.wickerparkbucktown.com/ssa/community-grant-program/ for more info).

You will be required to include the WPB SSA #33 logo in any print or web materials promoting the sponsored initiative.

* Please note that WPB SSA #33 reserves the right to reject any questionable budget estimates, as well as implement addition program rules and regulations as it deems reasonable. Please be prepared to submit copies of appropriate permits, approvals, invoices and receipts if requested. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME and is reviewed periodically to ensure that it is achieving the goals of WPB SSA #33.

Post-Event Report
You can find the Post-Event Report here: (see http://www.wickerparkbucktown.com/ssa/community-grant-program/ for more info)

The due date for the completion of your Post-Event Report will be determined along with the awarded amount and stated in the letter received with your initial funding. (This date is typically 30 days after the end of your program, but may vary.)

The Post-Event Report includes:
• Samples of marketing materials, particularly those with reference to WPB SSA #33
• Final attendance totals
• Description of goals attained; measurements
• Description of the successes of the event as well as the challenges, and how improvements can be made for subsequent events
• Final budget numbers

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