Questionnaire on Europe
What will happen if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union? What kind of relationship would the UK want to have with the world's largest consumer market? What would happen to the rights of 1.7 million UK citizens living in other EU countries? Could the French-British joint defense efforts continue? Would trade be as restrictive as with Algeria? Would Britain achieve similar terms for trade agreements as the EU holds with Mexico, Brazil and many other growth economies who want access to the European market? Could Britain realistically obtain terms similar to Norway or Switzerland and what do they entail?
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The Euro Area or €-zone
The euro area is an economic and monetary union (EMU) of 17 states with over 300 million people that have adopted the euro (€). Tick from the list below the four countries that are part of the Eurozone:
European Union membership
The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 states with over 500 million citizens. Tick those nine countries on the list below which are members of the EU:
European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is a court established by the European Convention on Human Rights. Tick from the list below the countries where citizens have the right to petition to the ECHR:
European Economic Area
The European Economic Area (EEA) is comprised by countries obliged to adopt all EU legislation related to the single market, except laws on agriculture and fisheries. Tick on the list below the country which has to adopt EU single market rules not through EU members but for being part of the EEA:
European Free Trade Association
The European Free Trade Association EFTA was established as a trade bloc-alternative for European states who were either unable or unwilling to join the EU. Tick from the list below those two non-EU countries which have joined the EFTA:
 Schengen - Passport free travel
The Schengen Area comprises the territories of twenty-six European countries that have implemented the Schengen Agreement. The Schengen Area operates as a single international travel and immigration area with no border controls for people travelling between Schengen countries and only external border controls for those travelling in and out of the area. (Nine countries on the list below)
What kind of relationship would you want the UK to have with Europe?
Please tick those agreements and organizations below to which you think the UK should subscribe or be a member of (or stay out of if not ticked):
Pro or contra
Do you consider yourself Europhil or pro European or do you consider yourself Eurosceptic
Your nationality?
What do you consider your defining nationality? Pick the option that you consider best describes yourself:
Your gender
What is your gender?
Your age
How old are you (in years)
Political Party
For which party would you vote if there would be UK parliamentary elections next Thursday?
Did you consult any sources for your answers?
Did you tick off the countries above by heart or did you consult the Internet (or books)?
How did you get here?
How did you find this survey?
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