Furaffinity United 2018 Floor Wars Dance Competition
Welcome back to the Furaffinity United’s Floor Wars dance competition. We are very excited to have it again this year and would really love your support so please come out and dancers please sign up to help make this a positive experience for the convention.

Sign-Ups to participate are First Come, First Served. We will accept only 2 extra people per division just in case someone is a no show for the event. So please don’t feel discouraged if you do not make the first cut.
For the Non-suit division, there will be 8 available slots for competitors and 2-4 extra for backups.
For the Suit division there will be 8 open slots for suits and 2-4 extra for backups.

Remember, this is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Sign ups accepted before the event.

Friday 7pm in Main Events.

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