What are you Hungry For?
We spend our life on a perpetual chase; it can be health, success, love or anything else. We believe, we will be happy if we we achieve these goals.
Maybe you are just “Hungry for Happy” and once you are happy… all of the above will follow?

Prepared this form so we can find out what are you hungry for!!!
Don't worry
It is short
It has no right or wrong answer
It doesn't make you engage in anything ... unless you want to
It can be the first step towards your happiness!!!

If you would like to discuss further about your happiness or work with me, do not hesitate to contact me

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Thank you!!!
The Bon-Vivant Girl
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Do you consider yourself happy?
If there is one aspect of your life that you would like to improve what would be?
If it is your personal life, are you having issues with
If it is your professional life, are you having issues with
If it is the physical aspect, are you having issues with
Do you think you have the key to your happiness?
Do you think you need external help to be happy?
And finally : If you think none of the above relates to you, what are you hungry for? Tell me one thing that will make you happy?
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