For developers and others presenting neighborhood projects, please complete this form to be considered for inclusion on the agenda for the next monthly meeting of the Los Angeles River Artists & Business Association (LARABA)/Arts District Community Council LA (ADCCLA) Urban Design/Land Use Committee (LUC).  

Applicants who bypass review by this Land Use Committee and move directly to the Neighborhood Council will receive an NON-RESCINDABLE letter of opposition from both LARABA & ADCCLA as well as opposition attendance at any hearings.  This is in place to ensure the transparent and collective voice of the Boards directly representing the Arts District are relayed in whole to the Neighborhood Council.  

In order to receive a letter of support for the Arts District Community through the NC, your project must clear the Land Use Committee and get a majority of votes from the LARABA/ADCCLA Boards.  Once that is done, LARABA will submit an email to the NC stating the project and the status of their vote, at which point you can request to be agendized for an NC Board vote.  

If you have questions about this form or the new process please email and one of us would be happy to speak to you.

Please have your team review the Community Development Guidelines prior to a formal review of your project.  Please check for occasional updates.

Copies of presentations must be provided 10 days prior to the presentation or you will be removed from the calendar at the Committee's discretion.  Please submit all plans

Please try to limit your presentation to fifteen minutes.

Land Use Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the Month via ZOOM
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NOTE: The UD/LUC meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30-8:30 PM.
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