Franciscan Fast for Peace During Ramadan
As the poet Rumi said “We are all the same… all the same… longing to find our way back… back to the One… back to the only One!” Whether there is an attack on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, a Mosque in New Zealand, or a Christian church in Sri Lanka, it is an attack on all of us. We are all the same. God is in each of us and we are all part of God. When you are attacked, I am attacked; when I hurt, you hurt; when you feel joy, I feel joy.

The Muslim holy observance of Ramadan begins at sundown on May 5th and continues to June 4th. Each year, during the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar, 1.5 billion Muslims participate in this season when, from sunrise to sunset, they fast from food, drink, and general sinful behavior, such as violence, arguing, and lying. It is seen as an opportunity for Muslims to rediscover their own belief, improve their character, and ensure they bring benefit to society. The idea is to develop a deeper understanding of where you are and what you have in order to become a better person.

Because we wish to stand in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers, and honor their beliefs, we invite all our Franciscan members and friends to join us in a day of fasting on Friday, May 17th. On this day, we as Franciscans will fast in whatever way is possible for us individually. As we fast, we will pray for peace in all hearts, peace in all minds, and peace in our world. We hope you will sign up below to join us.
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