Facebook Bounty Campaign
Facebook Bounty (10%)
Allocated tokens: 100.000
Status: Active

• Each member of Facebook Bounty campaign should have at least 100 friends to be eligible for the payment.
• The account must be at least 4 months old. The number of your friends is being fixed at the moment when you
• connect your account and doesn’t change during the campaign.
Each member should go through registration.
• Then, each member should follow official QTC website https://www.facebook.com/quantocoinio, like and follow the
• QTC page, and re-post at least one QTC post per week. In order to receive the bonus, each member is expected to
• participate until the end of the campaign. A member, who has not hit like and has not shared posts during a week or
• unfollowed QTC page, are not eligible for a reward.
• The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week.

- From 100 to 249 friends - 25 Stakes
- From 250 to 999 friends - 60 Stakes
- From 1000 to 9999 friends & followers - 120 stakes
- 10000 friends & followers and more - 250 stakes

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