WildHearts Creation MASTERMIND
Hello! Thank you for your interest in the WildHearts Creation Mastermind.

These questions are not a test. They're an invitation to discover more about your relationship with creating your vision, your ideas and your dreams.

They also help me know which Mastermind group you're the best fit for.

Please note I do reserve the right to gently suggest alternatives if you are not a good fit for this group. Momentum is partially created through synergy.

I'll be in touch very soon!

with thanks,

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What is the main idea / project / creation will you will work on during this six month Creation Mastermind?  (I acknowledge you may have multiple... what is the one you want big momentum on?) *
What excites you about this creation? *
What scares you about this creation? *
What change or magic is this creation designed to bring to the world / your world? *
Have you been part of a mastermind before? *
If YES, what was it about it that worked best for you? (And was there anything that didn't work?)
If NO, what do you expect this mastermind will contribute to you?
Six months from now, what would a 'successful' creation be expressed or embodied as for you? *
What would be most likely to derail your success? *
What three strengths / capacities / brilliances will you contribute to the other Mastermind participants? *
What three things would you most like to change  about you as a leader during this Mastermind? *
Do you have the financial capacity to complete all six months of this Mastermind?  (i.e. 6 x $495AUD payments or full payment up front $2795 AUD) *
Do you make a personal commitment to complete all six months of this Mastermind?  (i.e. Showing up to two x 90 minute mastermind sessions a month + contributing to other members via the forum at the minimum.) *
Would you like a short conversation with Lisa to talk about joining this Creation Mastermind? *
Thank you so much for your participation! If you have any specific questions about the Creation Mastermind, please ask here and I will respond via the email you provided above.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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