Tampa Bay Bloggers One-Day Workshop Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gauge interest for a Tampa Bay Bloggers one-day workshop for some time in late Spring. Ideally, this will be an all day affair with a time frame of approximately 9am - 6pm. The location is TBD but we are looking into venues in Downtown Tampa and the Westshore area. All responses are anonymous. Thank you for your feedback
Does the idea of a one-day blogging workshop appeal to you? *
If you'd like to expand more on your "yes" or "no" response, please share! We want to know what would light your fire to attend or not attend our one-day workshop.
What day of the week would be best for you? (Please pick your top choice.) *
Is there more than one day that works for you? List your best days.
What sort of blogging topics would you like to see? (Check all that apply.) *
What other topics would you like to see covered?
Anything else you would like us to consider during the planning stages?
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