Fair Opportunity Project Checklist Program
Thanks for your interest in the Fair Opportunity Project Checklist Program!

This is a PILOT program launching in fall 2019 and designed to coach high school students like yourself through the many steps of the college application process. We will work through an online platform and virtual sessions so that students anywhere in the country can participate, and at times convenient for you. You will need internet access.

Fair Opportunity Project is a nationally-focused, nonprofit organization that was started by students for students like you. Our mission is to empower students to access and afford college. You can learn more about us at http://fairopportunityproject.org.

Your participation in this PILOT program provides you with access to some of the best college information and resources out there. The Fair Opportunity Project team is a passionate and dedicated group of students, advisors, and college admissions experts. Students regularly pay thousands of dollars for this kind of support and guidance.

You can participate in this program FREE of CHARGE. Participation in this pilot is limited to 100 students. These are students from high schools all over the country but with a shared passion to attend college.

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