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Looking for a fresh start or something new? Are you feeling ungrounded or overwhelmed? Maybe you're simply interested in learning about a queer, inclusive take on a Jewish tradition.

Mayyim Hayyim, a progressive mikveh in Newton, MA, reimagines the ancient history of the Jewish ritual bath as a source of renewal and transformation. The Watershed Project is a trans-informed, gender-inclusive ritual for people who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender-questioning AND who self-identify as Jewish, to any extent.* The project brings together small groups to visit the mikveh and experience the grounding, clarifying benefits of immersion in a way that respects the integrity of identities that have been historically excluded from the tradition. And there are crafts!

Although the mikveh ritual is about change, renewal, and transformation, this project is extremely creative and up to interpretation; you may set whatever intention you like for your immersion. You are more than welcome to exist in this space as "casually trans," and can make your experience as much or as little about your gender as you like. We'll provide lots of support and guidance as you develop a personal ritual that suits where you are and what kind of change or personal growth you are seeking in your own life.

Secular Jews, kinda-Jews, and on-rocky-terms-with-religion Jews are equally and entirely welcome. No matter where you are in your coming-out process, your transition, or your relationship to your gender identity, you are welcome. Genderqueer Jews of color, with disabilities, and with other marginalized identities are especially encouraged to participate. We are extremely committed to accommodating accessibility needs. The program is free, with the option to make a donation to Mayyim Hayyim if you choose/are able.

This is a NON-BINDING, NON-COMMITTAL form to express your interest in participating in The Watershed Project. Visits to the mikveh are ongoing and will be scheduled around group availability-- we will do our best to accommodate anyone who wants to participate. Immersions will happen individually; everyone's privacy will be respected. For more info about Mayyim Hayyim and the immersion process, visit

To read the story of one genderqueer person's first immersion and what it meant to them, please visit

*If you do not identify as transgender/nonbinary/questioning AND Jewish but are still interested in this program (e.g. if you're queer or Jewish but not trans, if you're trans but not Jewish, etc.), please contact program organizer Eli Sobel at to discuss alternative ways to get involved.
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The Watershed Project consists of small group gatherings that last 2.5-3 hours and take place in Newton, MA. We'll schedule multiple gatherings at varying times in order to best accommodate everyone who would like to immerse. Generally speaking, what times/days are best for you? It's okay if it's far in the future! *
What questions or concerns do you have about The Watershed Project, or immersion in the mikveh in general? (Note that may have answers to many of your questions!)
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