Peace Camp Registration
Commemorating 1919: Remembering all that came before and after the race riots, envisioning what comes next

Tuesday, June 25 - Thursday, June 27; Programs for every age, adults, teens and children; 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Light supper to begin, Peace Circles for sharing, campfire to follow

Cost for the three evenings of camp is $20 for individual teens and adults, $40 for a family (one or more adults plus children)

Sponsored by the Baháí Community of Hyde Park & Augustana Lutheran Church; Camp takes place at Augustana, 5500 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Chicago's Commemoration of the 1919 Race Riots
This year's theme is around our city's commemoration of the 1919 race riots

We'll work together to construct a big timeline of events that led to the riots, what has happened since, and what we hope for in the future.

We will spend another night laying out a map on the floor of the nave and marking the places where people were killed. This work will correspond with a professional art installation that will be in the nave through the fall.

On the final night, we'll hear from author Claire Hartfield who has recently written a book about the subject.

As always, we will begin with a light dinner, end with a campfire, and in between will be peace circles and much more. Paper registration forms are in the narthex.

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