Welcome to the 7-Day Phone Breakup Challenge!
Welcome to the Phone Breakup Challenge, brought to you by Screen/Life Balance and How to Break Up With Your Phone. The goal? To take the first steps toward a healthier relationship with your phone.

The official challenge will begin tomorrow; for now, please complete this intake questionnaire. This will give you a record of your own baseline habits—and help you to set your intentions/goals for the week ahead. (Your responses will be automatically emailed to you when you complete the survey.)

The survey is primarily multiple choice, and should take no more than 5–10 minutes to complete.
(Please use the same email address that you used to sign up for the challenge.)

Now let's get started!

-Catherine Price, author of How to Break Up With Your Phone (phonebreakup.com) & founder of Screen/Life Balance (screenlifebalance.com)

ps: I'm asking for your email address for two reasons: so that you can have your responses emailed back to you, and so that I can measure the effectiveness of the program by comparing the before and after. I won't sell your email address, and I also won't publish or share any part of your responses unless you have given me permission to do so.

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