Parent Survey Autumn 2016
My child is happy at school
My child has friends at school
There is a happy atmosphere at school
I feel welcome when I come into school
The school site is sufficiently secure
The classrooms are clean, tidy, and attractive and provide an effective working environment for my child
The outdoor environment at school is effective at supporting creativity and learning
I am kept well informed about what my child is learning in school
My child is making good progress
I am given enough information about how I can support my child at home
The school has high expectations for my child
The school ensures that my child reaches their full potential
I understand the homework expectations in my child’s Year group
I think my child has the right amount of homework
The school provides a varied range of trips, visits and activities
The school runs enough after school clubs
I think the school’s system of rewarding and praising children are effective
I think the school’s system of discipline is effective
I am confident that the school deals with inappropriate behaviour effectively
The school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child
The school treats my child fairly
My child is confident that should they have a problem, there is someone they can go to in school who will listen to them
My child enjoys playtimes and lunchtimes
My child finds school meals enjoyable
The School helps to promote a healthy lifestyle
I think members of staff at the school are approachable
Parent consultation meetings provide me with the information I require aboutmy child’s progress and achievement
The end of year school report provides me with the information I require about my child’s progress and achievement
Newsletters provide me with clear information regarding what has happened inschool but also about future events
The school website provides me with clear information regarding the school
I understand the role of the school Governors
I feel that I can approach the school if I have a concern
I believe my concerns would be dealt by the school in a satisfactory manner
The school has been led and managed well
The school encourages parents and guardians to play an active part in school life
What do you like most about the school?
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How can we make the school even better?
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Any other comments
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