Followine Weekly Report
What to write in "Link Activity Report"?

Signature campaign: links to the forum posts you wrote about Followine
Facebook campaign: links of your likes / shares to the official posts of Followine
Twitter campaign: links to your retweets to official posts and tweets about Followine
Linkedin: links of your post and shares to the official posts of Followine
1) https//....
2) https//...

Telegram "admin" campaign:
Only for public groups: links of the message screenshots (it is usually possible to get the link only from the pc)
Only for private groups: links of the screenshots where the message and the number of users of the group must ALWAYS be present.

"Double Report": if you have problems completing this field click here:

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Double Report (tutorial: copy the content you just wrote in the "Link Activity Report" field and post it as a reply on the Bounty thread of Followine ( After it paste the link of your reply here: *
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