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This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom. A parent or carer (over 16 years olds) will need to sign up to Zoom, not the young person, and will need to be present at the start of the workshop and/or be in the same building as the young person during the workshop. Do you agree to these terms and conditions? *
Parents/carers: please read and discuss the following online safety agreement with your child. If you have any questions or concerns please email carrie@beee-creative.co.uk. Young person’s agreement: I will be responsible for my behaviour when using the internet, including social media platforms and live video workshops. This includes the resources I access and the language I use; I will not deliberately share material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If I accidentally come across any such material I will report it immediately to BEEE Creative; I will not give out any personal information online, such as my name, phone number or address; I will not reveal the Zoom meeting passwords to anyone; I will not record, screen shot or share anything from the workshop; I will not arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone I meet online; I understand that I can turn the camera and audio off at any time during the workshop; If I am concerned or upset about anything I see on the during the workshop or any messages that I receive, I know I can talk to BEEE Creative Director, Carrie Washington; I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and that if I choose not to follow them, BEEE Creative may remove me from live video workshops and may contact my parents/carers. *
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Photographic and Video Consent: We will be recording the lead artist speaking during the workshop so that the resource is available for participants to re-watch at a later time - this will not include video footage of the young person. The photographic collage that the young person creates during the workshop we would like to take a photo of and share via our online platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), our website and/or may be used for educational purposes such as evaluation and research reports both in print/ web and/ or project partners (Hertfordshire Museums, makeAMPLIFY, The National Lottery Heritage Fund) with BEEE Creative’s permission to promote BEEE Creative programmes on marketing materials, website and social media. No names will be placed next to photos. Do we have permission to share the work created by your Young Person? (This permission can be withdrawn at any time by emailing carrie@beee-creative.co.uk) *
Evaluation: As part of the project, BEEE Creative will be evaluating the impact of the work on participants. All information obtained from observations, questionnaires and interviews will be kept strictly anonymous. Data will be stored in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. The data will not be used for any other purpose than the evaluation project and will be destroyed on completion of the project and its outputs. Do we have permission to use this information for our evaluation? *
Data Protection: BEEE Creative CIC and the project partners will use your data only in the pursuit of their business. It will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other organisation or individual. Please sign below to confirm all the above information is correct and that you consent to the named Young Person participating in the Exhibit 2020 - Photography Workshop.
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