Tanečné dielne 2021
Dňa 16.10.2021 od 12:00-16:00 hod
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Image/Video Parental Consent Form
This consent is valid throughout the duration of the above competition organised by Association of Slovak Schools & Communities in the UK (ASSC UK) but extends to images/videos being used after the competition has ended.

The ASSC UK will not include personal details (email, phone or addresses) on images or videos on ASSC UK website or any printed materials.
Providing your consent
Please read the following conditions and provide your consent as appropriate.
The ASSC UK will only publish images and videos of your child/children for the conditions that you provide consent for.

ONLY parents who AGREE with their child/children videos being used on ASSC UK website/social media, WILL BE ENTERED INTO THE COMPETITION.
I provide consent to:
Using images/videos of my child on ASSC UK website/social media without naming the child *
Using images of my child on any printed materials e.g. newsletters, leaflets or reports *
As you may or may not be aware the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law in May 2018.

Under these data protection regulations, as Association of Slovak Schools & Communities in the UK (ASSC UK), we are required to notify you about the personal information we hold and for what purposes. To comply with these regulations, we need to ask you to “opt in” regarding the personal data we hold, how it is stored and used. You do not have to opt in but we cannot hold the data without your written agreement, by signing below.
Our GDPR policy:
Data Controllers.
Association of Slovak Schools & Communities UK (ASSC UK) are the controllers of all personal data. Its use will be for the sole purpose of carrying out the duties and obligations of this Association and its activities, either arranged or promoted by the ASSC UK.

What is needed?
Unless otherwise agreed with you, we will collect basic information about you, the parent/carer and your child/children to help us run activities associated with ASSC UK.

Why we need it?
We need this information in order to be able to contact you and run the activities associated with ASSC UK efficiently.

What do we do with it?
The information we hold will primarily be for the Association's records but will be shared with Úrad pre Slovákov žijúcich v zahraničí (USZZ) as required.

How long is information kept.
Some information will generally be kept for 6 years for accounting purposes or until it is no longer lawfully required.

How do we store your data:
All completed electronic forms will be securely stored on a password protected laptop or password protected shared drive. All data collected is used for the sole purpose of the ASSC UK but may also be shared with USZZ and other organisations connected with this competition.
I give consent to ASSC UK to store my submitted data: *
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