Book Nook Volunteer Sign-up Form
If you would like to volunteer to work at one of the Book Nooks, please fill out and submit this form. We prefer that you be able to work at least a two-hour shift.

Book Nook locations and hours are as follows:

1) The upper level of the Bank of the West building at 303 Main St
2PM-4PM Fridays
10AM-4PM Saturdays

2) The Carnegie building connected to the main library building at 451 N Second St.
4PM-7PM Mondays
10AM-4PM Saturdays

After you submit your completed volunteer form and the info has been reviewed by the Book Nook staffing coordinator, you will be scheduled for work on the official Book Nook calendar. A link to the calendar will be sent to you via email.

Please fill out a separate form for different sifts on different days of the week or for multiple noncontiguous shifts on the same day. If the staffing coordinator has any questions, you will be contacted for clarification prior to your being scheduled. If you have any questions or need to change or cancel a shift, please contact the scheduling coordinator as soon as possible via email at or via phone at 307-335-5203. Note: You can also use this form to reschedule or cancel a previously scheduled work shift by filling out this form including the last section where you can describe your request.
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Preferred date, time and location
Enter the date, time and location for which you would like to volunteer. You will be assigned this date/time/location if the shift is open. If the date and time you selected is not available, you will be contacted via email with an alternative date/time/location for your approval.
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Automatic email reminders
If you would like to have automatic email reminders sent to your email account 1 day and 2 hours prior to your scheduled shift, select "Yes". Note: you will receive an email requesting that you authorize forwarding to your email address. You must authorize forwarding to receive automatic email reminders. Don't worry, this is safe - the forwarding is driven by a selective filter specific to your calendar scheduling. If you want to cancel automatic email reminders in the future, contact the scheduling coordinator via email or phone or you can re-submit this form declining automatic email reminders and add a note in the comments/requests section below.
Reminders? *
Do you want to volunteer regularly?
If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis, please tell us how often you want to volunteer. For example, "I want to volunteer every Saturday" or "I want to volunteer every three weeks" or "I want to volunteer the second Monday of each month".
How often do you want to volunteer?
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Any questions, comments, requests, rescheduling, cancellations?
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