Workout with Jilly Client Application
Please take a few minutes to fill out the application so I can gain a better understanding of why you decided to pursue a journey to a healthier you.

There are limited spots available, but this application will give you a spot on my wait list. You will receive an email to confirm your position if your goals line up with my skill set.
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What kind of career do you have? Is your work sitting/standing? *
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In a more specific way, set up 3 main goals that you want to achieve 6 months from now? *
Do you exercise regularly? *
Which type of exercises do you enjoy the most? *
How many workouts are you willing to devote to an exercise program per week? *
Describe to me what your typical day of eating looks like: (please include snacks, coffee, water, other drinks, etc.) *
When it comes to nutrition, what do you struggle with or need help with the most? *
Rate your experience level with exercise: *
True Beginner
Do you have any existing injuries or conditions that I should be aware of while building your training plan? *
Do you have a smartphone that has access to the Apple or Google Play App store? *
What are you currently struggling with (low energy levels, lack of motivation, body image, food restrictions, anxiety/stress, food allergies, etc.) ? *
What type of exercise equipment do you have access to (dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, treadmill, etc.) ? *
If you are local to Gainesville and Braselton, would you be interested in in-person training in the future? *
My coaching packages start at a few hundred dollars a month. If we both feel like a good fit for each other and it is an absolute yes to work together, are you able to put down the financial investment required to hire a coach? *
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