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 Are you part of an organization that wants to make the Foothills a better place to live and need funding for a program or project? The Foothills Kinette Club loves to support local non-profit organizations that are in need of help!
Application for Funds from the Foothills Kinette Club
Please fill out the following application if your organization wishes to apply to be the recipient of the grant from the Foothills Kinette Club.
Here's how it works:
• Complete the online Funding Request Form below,
• If you have any supporting documents, be sure to email them to once you complete the form,
• Submit your form for approval by The Foothills Kinette Club.

What is the name of your organization? *
Briefly describe the mission/purpose of your organization? *
What type of organization are you? *
eg. Service group, not for profit, for profit.
How are you currently funded *
eg. Government funded, private funding, etc.
What are the demographics of your organization? *
Supporting women, children, community, etc?
What amount of funding are you seeking? *
How many people does your organization support? *
Does your organization have current audited financial statements that could be made available upon request? *
How could your organization support the Foothills Kinettes? *
Ex: volunteers, swag (give-aways), publicity, selling tickets
What would the grant be used for? *
Please provide us with a breakdown of what the grant will be used for if received.
Which communities does your program support? *
Check all that apply
Will the money stay in a Foothills Community, or will it go into a provincial/national program? *
If yes, please describe.
Would you be willing to come do a presentation to our group?
If yes, please select a date. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
How did you hear about the Foothills Kinettes and their community grant program? *
Check all that apply
Contact Person *
First & Last Name
Phone *
Email *
Can we add you to our contact list? *
We will use this to update & share club news about;  events, information, volunteer opportunities and more.
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