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All products are lovingly produced, grown, created on Linnaea Farm. Spring bouquet subscriptions, wool socks, and seeds!
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Spring Bouquet Subscription $115 - 6 weeks
This holiday season give the abundance and beauty of the season to come.The first blooms from the garden artfully arranged, for 6 weeks beginning mid April, 2021 - pick up at Linnaea Farm. The recipient will receive a custom gift card. Shares limited
Linnaea Farm Wool Socks - 100% wool - $30
Wool is grown on our fleecy beasts that inhabit the fields and orchards of Linnaea Farm! Their names are Vicki, Ama, and Zelda! They are hand shorn and the wool is sent off to Custom Woolen mills in Carstairs, Alta where they knit them into beautiful, functional socks!
Linnaea Farm Wool Socks - 80% wool, 20% nylon - $28
Wool is grown on our fleecy beasts that inhabit the fields and orchards of Linnaea Farm! Their names are Vicki, Ama, and Zelda! They are hand shorn and the wool is sent off to Custom Woolen mills in Carstairs, Alta where they knit them into beautiful, functional socks!
Linnaea Farm Fire Cider
Farm grown horse radish, onion, hot peppers, gathering place garlic, organic ginger and turmeric all infused in organic apple cider!
Seeds are cool.
Inspirational ice cubes in the chalice of your imagination from the long hot summer days past.
Drink deep and imagine an abundant future.
A single seed is true wealth, intrinsically plentiful, and more so if shared.
Organic farmer Adam Schick holds a single Rembrandt pea aloft in the light of his drying shed to contemplate the magic and generosity of nature.“There we go. From that we’ll get 50 peas next year. Just from one little tiny seed,” Schick said. “There’s no reason why there should be any insecurity when it comes to food.”

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All Seed packages are $4/each
Hollow Crown Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) 110 days
Enjoyed for the nutty, sweet taste of the mild, white flesh, parsnips are a root garden must-have. Heirloom’s 12" long, 3" thick roots reveal their attractive flavor post-frost. Full-flavored parsnips are tantalizing roasted with potatoes, turnips, and other roots’; lend sweet heft to soups and stews. Lushly sweet complement to roasts. Thrives in deeply prepared soil.
Blue Lake Pole Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) 50-60 days
Small fresh pole beans with 5-6" string-less dark green pods are typically very straight and uniform. Great for market and also work well for freezing and canning. Direct sow from end of April - middle of June. Pick early and often. Sweet flavour and crisp, tender texture. Will continue to grow until frost.
Emerite Pole Bean (Phallus vulgaris) 55 days
The earliest French filet type pole bean in the garden covered in long green beans that taste great. Beautiful black seed ready to sprout in warm spring soil and growing to maturity in 55 days.
Fortex Pole Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) 55 days
A vigorous tall early producing pole bean, that can be picked small and slender as a filet bean, or left to get larger for fresh eating or processing. Even as the beans begin to fill out the extra long pods, they are still tender and stringless.
Blauhilde Pole Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) 70 days
A string less blue (purple) pole bean with fleshy 9” beans. Vigorous plants need tall trellis, keep them picked for harvests that last all summer. 70 days to maturity.
Grandma Walters Dry Pole (Phaseolus vulgaris) 80-90 days
Heirloom cranberry bean originally from eastern Washington. Early dry pole bean, which can bear heavily. Has been grown on Linnaea Farm for as long as anyone can remember. Good for coastal conditions. Meaty bean, maintains texture during cooking. 80 days to maturity
Kenearly Yellow Eye Dry Bush (Phaseolus vulgaris) 90 days
This bush bean is excellent for baking or for hearty soups. Known to mature very uniformly allowing efficient harvest. This bean was developed in Kentville Nova Scotia research station. Good for shorter season regions as it also ripens very fast.
Canellini Dry Bush Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) 95 days
The authentic delicate-flavoured white bean for the hearty minestrone soup made famous in Tuscany, Italy. The large beans stay firm and whole when cooked. Plants are large and prolific.
Linnaea Leek
( Allium ampeloprasum) A Linnaea Farm winter garden favorite for the past 25 years. Excellent over-winter variety. Cold and damp hardy. Harvest from fall to late spring.
Butternut Early Remix (Curcurbita moschata) 95 days
A genetic mix of the earliest hybrid butternut available for market, stabilized to bring you an early ripening OP butternut. Lots of variation in size and shape but all tasty and early to mature. Uniformity is boring. *OSSI Pledged Variety Andrew Still, Adaptive Seeds
Rembrandt Snow Pea (Pisum sativum) 65 days
Plants stay vigorous on plants that can climb over 6 ft covered in peas that have excellent quality and sweet flavour that yields all summer when kept picked.
Shiny Black Amaranth (Amaranthus cruetus)
Adam has tried to grow some sort of new grain or staple crop almost every year he's had a garden at Linnaea Farm. These efforts have taught him lots but mostly a deeper respect for the farmers who provide our daily bread. He's have always been disappointed by the effort required to get results, but Shiny Black Amaranth changed all this. Huge purple flowers soared to the sky with easy to thresh seed in abundance, as well as the beauty of their growth throughout the season, and leaves steamed and eaten in the spring, this crop is a winner all season. The least effort for the greatest results he's have found in all the plants he has sown in May for a late September harvest.
Red Russian Kale (Brassica napus) 50 days
Russian heirloom pre-1885. Tender, Sweet tender leaves with purple stems and veins. Cold Hardy. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts. 50 days.
Candystick Delicata (Cucurbita pepo) 90 days
Has a richer date-like flavor then other delicatas. Produces both short loaf shapes and long boat shapes. The fruit shape variability is desirable in this instance for genetic diversity and contributes to some added vigor. Fruit is tan skinned with green stripes. Originally bred by Carol Deppe of Corvallis, Oregon.
Noir des Carmes Melon (Cucumis melo) 80 days
This sugary melon has rightfully remained a popular choice in France for centuries. This variety was long ago preserved by Carmelite monks in France, at least since the 1800s but likely longer. This round/oblate, slightly ribbed 1.5 to 4-pound fruit has a sweet, juicy orange flesh and was a favorite of the “Maraichers” or vegetable farmers of Paris’ green belt in the 19th century.
Petit Gris de Rennes Melon (Cucumis melo) 85 days
La crème de la crème of French cantaloupes. First noted in the garden of the Bishop of Rennes nearly 400 years ago. Petit Gris translates as “little grey,” named for its appearance before ripening. Fruits typically weigh 2-3 pounds and have a mustard and olive speckled rind. Flavorful sweet orange flesh is reminiscent of brown sugar.
Florenza Sunflower
(Helianthus annus)Excellent stem quality for cut flowers.Unique color combination and mild chocolate fragrance. No drooping flower heads; strong, straight 15–32" stems provide firm support. Plants have relatively small, and few, leaves, making them more manageable, neater, and easier to harvest. Produces pollen. Branching. Ht. 45–55".
Crackerjack Marigold (Tagetes erecta)
Sturdy plants that reach a height of 30 inches with double blooms in shades of gorgeous colour from light yellow to deep orange. This variety is very rich in lutein, a compound that is found in the flowers and when fed to chickens helps make yolks deeper and richer in colour. Start inside 6-8 weeks before the last frost or direct seed 2 weeks before last frost.
Sweet Pea Cutting Mix (Lathyrus odoratus)
A mix of colorful varieties selected for fragrant blooms with long stems that attract bees to the garden and people to your market stand. Tall vines grow 6-8’. Soak seeds 8-10 hours before sowing to soften seed coat speeding up germination.
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