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Delivery will be throughout the day on February 14th. Please fill out form below. Once your form is filled out, please bring payment to culinary arts office (Room 208/210). Last day to order is Wednesday, February 7th by 3:45 PM. Cash only please. Last day to pay for strawberries is February 13th by 3:45 PM.
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Administration Offices
Adams, David
Adams, Kristin
Allen, Russell
Allen, Zach
Angelina College
Belt, Darrell
Caldera, Marlene
Capps, Wes
Cody, Berry
Craft, Mary
Earlye, Gingera
Eddins, Ted
Fitzgerald, Wade
Gerard, Casey
Gowin, Lori
Guerrero, Gaspar
Hancock, Lauren
Harris, Josh
Hefner, Robbie
Hines, Kirsten
Hines, Tanner
Howatt, Alicia
Hughes, Kathleen
Ivy, Cassidy
Jackson, Dortha
Jones, Gayle
Jones, Lisa
Kimble, Glen
Kirtley, Meagan
Krupski, Andrew
Ladner, Carla
Lamon, Cheryl
Lara, Claudia
Largent, Patrick
Lillard, Derek
LVN Teacher
McWilliams, Katelyn
Meisel, Emily
Meisel, Richard
Mize, Terry
Oliver, Brittney
Olszewski, Paul
Peterson, Rhett
Peterson, Rob
Phillips, Trent
Pierson, Jason
Ratcliff, Suzanne
Rich, Teri
Rigby, Tonya
Robbins, Martha
Roberts, Kalin
Roberts, Randy
Rosario, Dana
Rosser, Kacie
Sanders, Kathleen
Sawyer, Jason
Scott, Melissa
Sims, Gayle
Stanford, Meredith
Stewart, Amy
Stewart, Josh
Turner, Mary
Wallace, Scott
Weiblinger, Erin
Worsham, Jo
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