Parent Engagement Survey
Morningside Children’s Partnership(MCP) requests your help. Please complete the following survey in order to provide information about your experiences with your neighborhood and you child’s school.
1. How many of your neighbors do you know?
2. How strong is the sense of community in your neighborhood?
3. How often do you participate in neighborhood activities?
If you do not participate in neighborhood activities, please take a moment to explain why.
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4. How satisfied are you with the availability of resources in your community (ie. Grocery stores, parks, libraries, banks)?
If you are less than “very satisfied,” please explain why.
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5. In your opinion, what resources/support do neighborhood families need most?
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6. Do you believe that your neighborhood is a safe place to raise your children?
7. Does your child attend a neighborhood school?
If your child attends a neighborhood school, please select the name(s) of the school below.
8. Do you believe parent (guardian) engagement is essential to student success?
9. Do you feel adequately engaged in the school’s culture? Why or why not?
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10. What, if anything, do you believe the school can do to make you feel more involved?
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