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Hi there! Thanks for sharing your feedback! We want to make tokensquare and the BFF platform the best experience for staying on top of your industry and finding opportunities. Thanks for sharing your feedback. We will be doing a draw for 6 $50 Amazon gift cards for the holidays via random draw.
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More login options
Better appearance
Custom Lists
Apple / Android App
Tipping Creators
Ability to Submit Articles / Content
Better Commenting
Weekly Roundups
Partner Perks like discounts
Data Insights
Market Price Chart
Marketplace for Vendors
Comprehensive Job Portal
Deal Portal (Find Startups)
More content per article/source
Custom homepage with your own widgets
Exclusive podcasts/content
What other industries do you want to see? 1 (don't care), 5 must have.
XR. Augemented & Virtual Reality
Biotech. NGS. Longevity.
Music & Media
Weekly Roundups
Partner Perks like discounts
I want to make my own
Any other industry?
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