RSVP for House Concert Workshop
You are invited to attend this house concert workshop where we will address some of the trickier challenges hosts have with issues such as attendance, collaboration with other hosts, charity/fundraising model, etc and what tips our veteran hosts have to overcome these challenges. Please come with your own questions, examples of helpful scenarios to share, and whatever tips you have.

Join us for our LRFest Meeting and House Concert Workshop
Saturday, March 28th
St. Pete Location TBA

10am - 11am - coffee and meet/greet
10:45am - Festival feedback
11:15am - HC workshop, Q&A based on your advance questions
12:30pm - wrap-up

$5 Adv./$10 at the Door.
We are not collecting money yet. Please RSVP to help us choose the right space.

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Ask us questions! What would you like to discuss or have answered at our event?
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