SAHRA Winter 2018 Survey
The South Armour Heights Residents' Association ("SAHRA") is an incorporated non-profit association founded in 1988 that represents 850 households. SAHRA's borders, and hence neighbourhood, are defined by Highway 401 on the north, Brooke Avenue on the south, Yonge Blvd on the east, and Avenue Rd on the west.

The purpose of this survey is to seek, from our residents, feedback that will help us decide where to spend our time and resources. We ask that you complete this survey and submit it or forward it to us by March 31.

There are 2 ways to participate in the survey:
• Option 1: Complete and submit this ONLINE survey
• Option 2: Complete a PRINTED copy of the survey, and return to: SAHRA, PO Box 1373, Toronto, ON, M5M 0A1, OR drop it off at 118 or 123 Felbrigg. You can use the printed version from the February 2018 Newsletter, or print this online version, complete it and return it.

NOTE: The ONLINE and PRINTED surveys are identical. Please complete one or the other, but NOT BOTH!

PLEASE HELP US BY COMPLETING THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. (Attach a separate sheet of paper to a printed copy, if needed.)

1. How often do you go for a walk in SAHRA's neighbourhood? Only include walks more than 4 blocks long, round trip. Include walks which extend outside of our neighbourhood:
2. The destinations of these walks are primarily (Choose all that apply):
3. What types of businesses do you patronize along Avenue Rd, between Hwy 401 and Lawrence? (Choose all that apply):
4. Have you participated in Jane's Walks?
5. Have you participated in SAHRA’s “Neighbours’ Night Out”?
6. What info on SAHRA's website ( is of interest to you? (Choose all that apply)
7. Suggestions on additional info that should be available on SAHRA's website, or other website comments?
Your answer
8. Have you had to deal with any of the following issues in the last 10 years within SAHRA’s area? (Choose all that apply)
9. Are you interested in or concerned about commercial developments on Avenue Rd between Highway 401 and Lawrence?
If Yes, please describe:
Your answer
What type of development would you like to see?
Your answer
What type of development are you opposed to?
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10. What do you like and / or dislike about our neighbourhood?
Your answer
11. What do you think SAHRA’s priorities should be?
Emergency Services
Crime Prevention
Speed limits / Traffic Calming
Flooding Issues
City of Toronto Avenue Study for Avenue Rd
Development and construction issues
Your answer
12. Are there any major issues or concerns that you would like to tell us about?
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13. I live on or between:
SAHRA would prefer to contact you by e-mail, which is much less expensive than by printed newsletters. This allows us to better use membership contributions for other priorities. To be added to our distribution list, please provide your e-mail address below or send a request to SAHRA will never share your e-mail address.
E-mail address:
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Volunteer opportunities
In order to carry on supporting our neighbourhood, SAHRA is looking for volunteers for specific tasks: management of membership information, eBlast preparation, website content updates, newsletter preparation, follow up on Neighbourhood issues, 250 Lawrence Avenue West OMB Appeal, special deliveries to houses in our area, street communications - and others! Additionally, we also need individuals who would like to join our Board of Directors. If you are interested or have any comments, please contact us at
Thank you!
Thank you for completing the SAHRA Winter 2018 Survey. Your response will help us prioritise the activities which SAHRA tackles.

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