Board Nominations
Are you interested in running for the board or do you have someone that you want to nominate for a GaRID Board position?
Please write the first and last name of the person(s) being nominated in the spaces provided!

Certified or Associate members in good standing of GaRID can run for the Board.

Positions will be vote on during our Fall Conference in October.
Responsibilities include: Have general supervision and direction of the affairs of the corporation; Appoint committees; Set the agenda for all meetings, and preside over all meetings
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Responsibilities include: In the absence of the President, perform all duties of the President; Monitor Board adherence to by-laws.
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Responsibilities include: Keep full and accurate record of the proceedings of meetings; Make minutes available to members; Supervise the keeping of all corporation records.
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Responsibilities include: Oversee the financial matters of the corporation by preparing and submitting financial reports, maintaining records of all financial transactions, and monitoring financial aspects of all contracts; Ensure the timely payment of the corporation’s financial obligations; Prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors.
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Member At Large
Responsibilities include: Each serve as a liaison to a special committee as assigned by the Executive Committee and perform other such duties as maybe prescribed by the Board or the Membership.
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