3DS Max Chapter Eight Quiz
After reviewing Chapter Eight in the textbook or in the video tutorials, please answer the questions below. Use complete sentences and be thorough with your answers, this is a graded assignment and you must receive a grade of 80 percent or better on this quiz to move on to the next chapter.
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Question ONE:  What is a MATERIAL in 3DS Max?  How are they used? *
Question TWO:  Describe how to apply a MATERIAL to an object. *
Question THREE:  You have just converted your 3DS Max object to an Editable POLY.  You would like to apply different MATERIALS to different polygons on your object.  What is the FIRST STEP in this process?  Describe. *
Question FOUR:  What does the SPECULAR effect do to a material object?  How can you modify it? *
Question FIVE:  Can you make a MATERIAL TRANSPARENT in 3DS Max?  Describe. *
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