CHS Bus Application
In order to be considered for free bussing, a student must live 2.0 miles or more away from his/her designated school. The 2.0 miles is strictly enforced. No free bussing will be granted if a student lives outside of the Cudahy city limits.

Bus Rules:

1. Students must wear a mask on the bus.
2. If applicable family members should ride together.
3. Be at your bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick up time to wait. Busses will not wait for you.
4. Students should refrain from the use of inappropriate language and loud noises.
5. Rowdy behavior is not allowed. Stay in your seat.
6. Report immediately any damage you see on the bus. You are liable for any damage you cause on the bus.
7. You must have your school ID to ride. If you don’t, you will not be allowed to ride.

** Please note, the bus is an extension of the Cudahy High School. All school rules still apply, and students may be disciplined for any unsafe or disrespectful behavior. Students may be suspended from using the bus as part of their consequence.

**Please make sure to input a parent email address below.

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