Delivery Drivers Form
Thank you so much for volunteering to help deliver masks.  We really appreciate it. Now that we have a great process in place to fill all the orders that we're receiving we want to focus on a good process for people who can deliver.

Our plan is to create a list of volunteers that have offered to help our sewers deliver their masks.  Many of our sewers are in immunocompromised homes or are in a high-risk population.  Your assistance can help make it easier for our sewers to keep sewing.

Please read the following information about how your contact info will be listed and let me know if you would like to be on the list.  

---Your name, phone number, and city will be listed on our website, the Masks for Iowa private facebook group for our sewists to access.

---Our sewers will call you directly to see if you can deliver the masks.  

---The sewer should have a confirmation email with the address, phone number and email for the organization that placed the order.  You need to call ahead to get specific delivery instructions.

---When picking up masks from sewers, you should not go to someone's door or go inside their home.  Do not make contact with them at all.  Make sure the sewer knows when you are coming and that they should leave the bag of masks outside their home before you arrive.

---When dropping off masks, do not go inside or make contact with anyone there. Just drop and go.

---Some of our deliveries go right to the building itself and others will be at someone's home because we've instructed all mask requesters to wash the masks before use.

---Safety tips: wear gloves or disinfect your hands after picking up the bag.  You can even bring something like a pole to pick up the bag without touching it.  Put the bag in your trunk if you have one.  Take basic precautions like don't touch your face, wash your hands, practice social distancing, etc.  

Please fill out this form to add your name to the delivery list.  Thank you for all your help.  
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