Big T Yearbook 2017-2018 Application
The Big T Yearbook has been around for nearly 100 years. But that doesn't mean we're behind the times. Yearbooks need to reflect the here and now, so while we're proud of our years of service to this campus and our tradition of high-quality productions, there exists only one thing on our minds: the present. That's where you come in. You are the present. You're going to live it, so why not help capture, illustrate, and share it? This is your unique opportunity to make this moment stand the test of time. History starts now.

The Big T is a completely student-run organization that is responsible for producing, marketing, and distributing Caltech’s official historical record. We open our doors to new members at the beginning of every school year. While prior journalism, design, and photography is valued in applicants, it is not required.

We meet once a week for ~2 hours and provide free boba/snacks at all meetings!

Please answer each question below to the best of your abilities. Don't worry if you don't have experience!
If you have any questions, please contact


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Do you have your own version of Adobe Creative Cloud?
Do you have experience with yearbook or any other publications?
If you answered "Yes" to the above, please explain your experience and any positions you may have held (example: design editor).
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Do you have any skills that you think would be especially relevant to your work on yearbook staff? If so, please explain.
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Which of the following do you feel comfortable doing?
What would you want to learn?
Yearbook can be a significant time commitment and it's important that staff be enthusiastic and ready to dedicate time to making a great publication. Why do you want to join yearbook?
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If you have anything else you think we should know about you, feel free to write it below.
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