Return-to-school survey
In line with the mayor and chancellor's plans for reopening schools, every family has the option to select a remote-only option for the fall. While the city's deadline for parents to complete the DOE Learning Preference Survey is August 7, we can plan most effectively if we have information from you now. Please fill out this short two-minute survey so that we can help our school plan for the fall. Complete one survey for each child at PS 58.
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In which grade will your child be in Fall 2020? *
Question 1: Are you planning to enroll for the remote-only option for the fall? *
Question 2: Will your decision change if the remote-only classes are taught by teachers from the Department of Education that are not PS58 teachers? *
Question 3: Does your child have a personal laptop with a keyboard (not an iPad or tablet) at home? *
Question 4: If you answered "yes" above, would you be open to having your child bring a personal device from home for occasional use in school? This option would help us prevent the sharing of devices for health and safety reasons. (Regardless of what you answer, every child at PS58 will have access to a clean computer at school when necessary.)
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