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Dear student,  First of all, welcome to Wellesley College! We are looking forward to working with you this year in one of our courses.  The questions listed below will allow us to make recommendations to you for your placement.  Please note that we can enroll students either into Ger 101 or into Ger 201, unless we recommend a 200-level course beyond our language sequence.                                                                                                                               Students who take either Ger101 or Ger201 will need to complete 102 or 202, respectively, to receive credit for either one of these course (according to Wellesley's general policy).
Please respond to all the questions (and do not use a dictionary or any other resources). We will be in touch with you later.  Vielen Dank!
Wie heißen Sie?   *
Tell us a bit about your German language background.  For example, have you studied German in high school? If so, how many years?   Feel free to answer in either German or in English *
Which German class do you think is suitable for you?   *
Mark the correct answers *
Das ist ein toller Pulli! Wo hast du ______ gekauft? *
Please translate to German:  "I went home with my friend yesterday" *
German 202 Winter Session. in Berlin
Was sehen Sie auf diesem Bild?  Write a whole clause *
Meine Freunde in Graz, Österreich
Was siehst du auf dem Foto? *
From the list below, pick the correct word to complete this clause:  "Ich bin 18 Jahre, und du 19, also bist du ein Jahr _________ ich" *
And here are a few grammar questions: Which case is used in German for an indirect object? *
List at least two examples of a two-way preposition (Wechselpräposition) *
And here is the toughest question of all of them - we ask it only to see whether you can go directly into one of our upper-level culture or literature courses.  So really, no worries if you don't know how to respond!  Briefly explain (in English) the grammar of the following clause: "Ich hätte das auch machen können" *
Many thanks for your work!  Please feel free to add any remarks that you would like to share with us.  And welcome, again, to German Studies at Wellesley College! *
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