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For any questions, drop by in our office in Forum C0239 on Tue/Wed/Thur 12.30-13.45, or send an email to
Please take into account that your books will most likely not be sold if the price you sell it for is too close to the original price or way higher than other books in our bookshop! Please check the online database to have an idea of prices of books currently in the bookshop.

!For dutch students: we don't accept Wiskunde in Werking books anymore, since only the new English edition is used!
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Given that study books quickly become outdated, books older than one year are hard to sell. Therefore, no books older than one year are kept in the second-hand bookstore. WEP will then try to give the book away for a few euros at most. If it is still not sold, WEP will hand in the book for recycling.
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