Talk: #Youths_in_Biodiversity
Day/Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Location: NSS Office

Open to the Public - Registration Needed


Biodiversity loss has reached its threshold. Our ecosystems are suffering the consequences and this has affected our society. The current generation of young people must act to safeguard biodiversity and our future. Karl will share about the works of youths during the ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leaders Programme workshop. The inaugural workshop was held in Thailand for a week where participants learnt about project management and implementation. The talk will also discuss how Singapore can engage its youths in Biodiversity with current resources and networks.

Speaker Profile

Karl is a junior member of NSS and a volunteer of NParks. As a youth, he has been involved in the biodiversity scene for a long time since primary school with several organisations. One of Karl's greatest achievement was when he and his Scouts team were recipients of the #OCBCCaresforEnvironment Fund to enhance the forest habitat at Sarimbun Scouts Camp. Recently, Karl represented Singapore at the ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leaders Programme inaugural workshop. He is currently studying Life Sciences at NUS and hopes to engage more youth in safeguarding Biodiversity.
Open to the Public - Registration Needed

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