Celebrate God at Work on Campus
God is moving across WMU, KVCC, KCC, K College, and SMC! We use this data to measure the movement of God through Cru for 3 reasons:  
1) To pray for those who are hearing the gospel and coming to Christ.   
2) To help us all lead more faithfully and more effectively.  
3) To praise God for all that He is doing!
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What is your NAME? *
What GROUP are you leading? *
(if you lead two groups, please fill out this form two separate times.)
What was a highlight for you from ministry this past week? 
What are the names of any college students you had SPIRITUAL CONVERSATIONS with this week?
(Spiritual Conversation = An intentional conversation about God, faith, meaning, the Gospel etc., with the hope of moving someone toward accepting Christ. (This includes all of your Gospel Conversations.))
What are the names of any college students you had GOSPEL CONVERSATIONS with this week?
(Gospel Conversation = a conversation where you SHARE the gospel with someone and INVITE them to respond.  Some of your Spiritual Conversations will also be Gospel Conversations, so put those names down in both categories.)   Note:  please include 2nd, 3rd, 4th gospel conversations with a student too!
Did you see or hear of anyone receiving Christ this week? Any similar breakthrough stories?
What are the names of any college students you had SPIRIT-FILLED CONVERSATIONS with this week?   (If it was in a group setting please give the number of people in attendance)
(Spirit-Filled Life Conversations = a conversation where you share about how someone can be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. A helpful way to know if you've done this is if you have gone through a Satisfied? booklet with someone recently or if your group has gone through it.)
What's something you want to do differently next week? An area where you need to be supported? Any ways the Shepherd Team and Staff Team can come alongside you?
Anything else that you would like us to know?
We love you guys!   If things are great or things are tough, we'd love to hear. And remember... no matter what, rejoice first that your names are written in the book of life! You can rest in that truth! - Luke 10:20
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