Yearbook Application - McAdams Junior High
Do you want to be a part of something big? Do you want to help create a book full of memories that you and your peers can have for a lifetime? As a Yearbook Club member you will make important decisions on the appearance of the yearbook. Members will take photographs at after-school events and decide the theme for the yearbook. Members are
also the first to see and receive the completed 2017-2018 MJHS yearbook!
*You must be an 8th grade student to apply.

Other Tasks - Photograph events during the school day, assist in yearbook marketing and sales, distribution of yearbooks, photo editing...

Student Responsibility:
•Academics- Club members must maintain a grade average of 75 or higher in every class. Grades will be checked at the time students receive progress reports and report cards. If a student has a grade below a 75 they will be on probation until the next grade check. If the grade does not improve to a 75, the student will be dismissed from the club.

•Attitude- Club members must conduct themselves in a respectful, appropriate manner. Club members must follow all yearbook member policies.

•Behavior- Repeated complaints from other teachers or 1 ISS assignment = 1 month probation 2nd ISS assignment = dismissal from club OSS = dismissal from club

•Attendance – Club members who miss 2 schedules meetings will be dismissed from the club. Club members who miss
an after school event that they are scheduled for will be on probation for 1 month and unable to further handle cameras.

Parent Responsibility:
•Promptness- On meeting days you MUST pick your child up at 3:30. Your child must have transportation home from after-school events.
•Yearbook Club Shirt - $16

Friday meeting dates for the 1st semester 2:40 to 3:30: To Be Announced

Contact Ms. Howard at with questions.

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Yearbook Club members take a lot of photographs using the school camera, so we are looking for students who are very responsible. What are some examples of how you've shown responsibility at school or home? *
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