JMRS ASMIRT CPD Q&A - Medical Imaging - March 2022
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Continuing Professional Development Q&A - Medical Imaging
Immersive virtual reality simulated learning environment versus role-play for empathic clinical communication training

Sapkaroski D, Mundy M, Dimmock MR. (2022)
J Med Radiat Sci. 

1.  Which of the following is the most important practitioner clinical communication skill? *
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2.  According to research, what may happen to practitioner’s clinical communication skills over time? *
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3.  Which of the following may result from empathic practitioner-patient interactions? *
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4.  Why do virtual reality simulated learning environments provide more beneficial communication skills training compared to traditional role-play? *
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5.  What makes immersive virtual reality training unique? *
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Recommended further reading:
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