International Friendship Partners Program

** Fall 2017 Application Deadline: August 18th (Friday), 2017 **

    Program Overview

    The International Friendship Partners includes 2 parts: the Buddy Program and the Language & Cultural Exchange Program. These two programs are designed differently and you may choose to participate in ONE OR BOTH PARTS according to your interest and schedule, including a for-credit option. Part I Buddy Program (Program Detail--PAGE 2) The International Buddies Program is designed to provide an opportunity for newly admitted international students to know returning UAlbany students before or upon their arrival in Albany. You will be helping new students adjust to academic and community life at UAlbany. Part II Language & Cultural Exchange Program (Program Detail--PAGE 3) The International Friendship Partners Program is designed to provide an opportunity for U.S. and international students to interact regularly on a small group basis outside of the classroom setting. NEW THIS SEMESTER: You may earn credits in one of the two following courses with the Language & Cultural Exchange Program: RSSW 291(2 credits) or RSSW 290 (3 credits).

    Who Can Participate in these Programs?

    You need to be a second semester freshman or above by Spring 2017 in order to be eligible. Any UAlbany registered student/faculty/staff/alumni interested in getting to know people from other cultures are welcome to participate. If you are not a UAlbany community member, please consult ISSS in advance. However, you need to be an undergraduate student to register for RSSW 290/291.

    Expectation as a Friendship Partner in Either Program

    By submitting this application, you agree to contact your partner and be responsive to his/her email and phone calls. If you are participating the Buddy Program, you are expected to stay in touch with your partner the first month after school starts. If you are participating the Language & Cultural Exchange Program, you are expected to set up an initial meeting with your partner and meet with them on a regular basis during Spring 2017. We suggest you to meet weekly for the best possible outcome. Friendship Partners are most effective if both parties are committed to building mutual friendship.
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    Cultural Connections Membership

    International Friendship Partners Program is organized and ran by Cultural Connections, a student group that's committed to bring together International and American UAlbany students and to explore their cultures side-by-side. Applying for Friendship Partners Program will give you automatic membership for Cultural Connections.
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