Spokane Shadow Cultural Assignment V
A big part of what we're trying to accomplish at this club is mentally capable players and people. Please watch the below video and answer the questions.

April 29

Michael Jordan Backboard Block
What is your first and last name? *
What team do you play for? *
What goes poorly for Michael Jordan in this video? *
His team was up by six points with about 33 seconds remaining in the game. How badly did they need him to score that basket? *
Even though his team would probably win if they game up that layup at the end, Jordan couldn't accept that. Why? *
Michael Jordan was 39 years old in this clip, playing for the Washington Wizards for fun. He had already won six NBA championships, ten scoring titles, two world championships, and an NCAA championship. He had NOTHING to prove to anyone. Why did he feel the need to respond like this?
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