Thanksgiving Basket Brigade Food Drive
Thank you for coordinating a GSF Thanksgiving Basket Brigade food drive!

This is a great way to have your family, team, kids, or company participate in giving to our communities.
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How would you like to set your food drive goals?
Set a goal number of completed baskets you would like to donate and work together with your team to collect all of the items needed. Example: 10, 20, 50 *
Select a food item needed, set a goal of a total quantity and work together as a team to collect. Example: If you h ave a team of 10 people and each person could bring 5 pumpkin pies. *
Either a neighborhood, company, special event, organization food drive. Spread the word on the drive via email, flyers, and worth of mouth- collect as many food items as possible and report your final numbers to us a few days before the Brigade *
Food Drive Goal Numbers
If you would like to sponsor completed baskets, please enter your goal number *
If you would like to sponsor a specific food item(s), please enter quantities for goal *
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