2019 NAJA-Medill Milestone Achievement Award
For more than 200 years, Native communities have been aware of the importance of journalism. And today, more than ever, Indian Country needs media focused on Native people by Native people. Since the creation of the Native American Press Association in 1983, now known as the Native American Journalists Association, there have been many journalists who have filled leadership roles, exemplified the NAJA mission and left a lasting impact on media.

The 2019 NAJA-Medill Milestone Achievement Award recognizes important contributions made by journalists in the past, as well as encourages the new generation of Native journalists to achieve career excellence. This award honors NAJA’s mission and the exemplary people who have led the way with outstanding work and contributions to the field of journalism.

A $5,000 prize, sponsored by the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, is included with this award and recipient will be invited to address a media class later in the academic year at the university, in coordination with Medill.

There is no cost to nominate a NAJA member for this award, however, the nominee must be a NAJA member in good standing in order to be considered.

Award Sponsor
Rules and Eligibility Requirements
Criteria for the award includes:
• Body of journalistic work during career
• Contribution to society through outstanding journalism
• Recognition and respect from peers and community
• Significant contributions to the advancement of Native Americans in the field of journalism
• Nominations require a letter listing details of the lifetime contribution of the candidate to Native journalism, NAJA, free press, etc.
• There is no cost to nominate a NAJA member for this award.
• The nomination deadline is March 31, 2019.

Selection process:
• Candidates’ contributions to the field of journalism should be supported with documentation (examples could include resumes, websites, publications or any materials which adequately showcase the work of the nominee). See the nomination form for more details.
• The NAJA Board of Directors leads an appointed committee to make and review nominations, selecting an annual winner of the NAJA-Medill Milestone Achievement Award.

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