Series 1: Leading Next-Level Teams
Meets weekly, April 1- May 15, 2020

A champion is formed long before they win their first title or hold that first medal. Champions are born in the mind when they first triumph over the things they can control. The Champion's Mindset Leadership Series provides coaches with essential tools and insight for forming such athletes. You will learn frameworks that increase self-awareness, adaptability, and motivation; qualities that feed team culture and performance to create a competitive advantage.

Series 1: Next-Level Teams -This series is compromised of seven live, virtual sessions that will equip you with leadership tools to optimize your own leadership and team performance. These practical tools equip you and your athletes to evaluate undermining tendencies, maximize influence, deliver support and challenge, and growing team culture. Through this experience, coaches will learn to apply transformational leadership tools that will take your team to the next level. Reach your own gold-standard of performance!

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