HC Club Tennis Championship 2018
Dear Tennis player,

We are really looking forward to a wonderful weekend of great tennis and encouraged you to join the HC Club Championship 2018!

Friday, 18th May 2018: 7pm - 11pm
Saturday, 19th May 2018: from 8am
Sunday, 20th May 2018: from 8am

Events for all levels and enter up to 2 categories! (max 2 categories)

Men & Ladies Categories

1. Open Mens Singles
2. Open Womens Singles
3. Open Mens Doubles
4. Open Womens Doubles
5. Open Mixed Doubles
6. A Grade Mens Singles
7. A Grade Womens Singles
8. A Grade Mens Doubles
9. A Grade Womens Doubles
10. A Grade Mixed Doubles
11. B Grade Mens Singles
12. B Grade Womens Singles
13. B Grade Mens Doubles
14. B Grade Womens Doubles

Grading Chart: Open Events : Advanced Playing Level
A Grade Events : Intermediate Level
B Grade Events : Beginner Level

Discretion of the tennis committee which category a player will play

- SGD 20 per person (one category only)
- SGD 30 per person (two categories)

DEADLINE registration: 5PM FRIDAY 11th May, 2018

CANCELLATIONS after FRIDAY 11th May, 2018 will be charged to your account.

Warm regards

The Tennis Committee Hollandse Club

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