#GBDURO20 Application Form
Welcome to the application form for #GBDURO20

Please read the Entry Manual carefully before starting as you will be tested on your understanding of it

You can contact us at GreatBritishDURO@gmail.com should you have any questions

You will not be able to save this form so please carve out an hour or so before attempting it
(and note Section 6 is the one that'll take the most time)

It consists of the following sections:
1. Intro
2. Personal details
3. Next of kin
4. Legal
5. Understanding of the ride, rules & ethos
6. Who you?
Email address *
Timing (i.e. for results) requires riders to post a timestamped photo on Instagram at the start and end of each stage. As a warm-up, please can you post a timestamped photo and include @theracingcollective and #GBDURO20entry in the comments now? *
We'd like you to take a photo of an old photograph that reminds you of a time when cycling represented pure freedom (before discussions of sock length and KOMs!?)... perhaps a photo of your first bike or a particularly joyful ride?
Conscious of the looming climate crisis this will be a no-fly ride i.e. riders must find their own way to/from this event without flying. Where are you based and how are you planning on getting to/from GBDURO? *
Flying in a couple of days beforehand still counts as a flight. We trust riders to behave in the spirit of the event... paying particular attention to Rule 1. If you are travelling from a long way away, please give as much detail as possible. Some airlines offer offsets but we don't consider this a long-term solution.
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