97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know
Welcome to the home page for 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know! Thank you for agreeing to participate!

This project is a collection of pearls of wisdom collected from leading experts like you -- whether you are/have been a data engineer or you work closely with data engineers in your daily work.

This collection will include multiple and varied perspectives on key topics, ideas, skills, and future-focused thoughts that data engineers should be aware of.

We’re looking for articles on a wide range of topics: building pipelines, batch and stream processing, data privacy, data security, data governance and lineage, data storage, career advice, data team makeup and culture--and everything in between, from the granular issues to big-picture concepts.

What are the challenges? How did you fail? What have you learned? When did the light bulb go off? What do you wish you knew when you started?

You can find out more about the existing "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know" book here:


Again, thank you for your interest in participating, and we look forward to learning from you!

Tobias Macey
Book Editor

Jess Haberman
Senior Acquisitions Editor, O'Reilly Media
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