The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge 2021 Registration:

Please complete the following info to enter the design challenge. Within 24 hours of receiving your entry, you should receive a confirmation email with a dropbox link and your registration id#. If you registered last year you can use the same drop box folder & files with your entry # unless you submitted your final entry in 2020. Those that submitted a final project in 2020 need to complete a 2021 registration entry to submit again. If you can't find your link from 2020, just email us & we will send it to you!

Your dropbox/registration id should not be shared. Please limit entries to 1 per contestant/group. If you want multiple emails for an individual entry please list both. Submission materials will be co-property of “The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge” once submitted and can be distributed to electronic and print outlets. Participants can also distribute their own materials once the contest has ended.

Registration Deadline: August 29, 2021

Good luck and thank you for participating!
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